Interactive Sound Workshop:

This past summer I was asked to teach a session at the NYU ITP Camp. There I shared an example program I developed and presented at an OpenFrameworks meetup at SFPC earlier that month. The example uses two third party pieces of software the 'Automat' created by alphakanal and the 'SoundMagic Spectral' audio units created by Michael Norris. In order to utilize them within OpenFrameworks I've used an addon called ofxAudioUnits authored by Adam Carlucci. This addon allows developers to get very quick rich sound synthesis with built-in or third party Apple audio units.

In the workshop I discussed different approaches I've taken in my professional career to creating interactive experiences with sound and connecting data from arduino sensors, kinect, openCV, etc. In the case of utilizing audio units within OpenFrameworks I've found creative ways to use their parameters in realtime installations as well as essentially creating midi controllers out of physical objects. A good example is a project I worked on at Fake Love where we had metal sculptures wired up with capacitive sensors. Users touch was used as incoming data to control audio unit parameters. You can find the code on my github.

OpenFrameworks / C++ / Audio Programming