CityGirl Visual Perfomance:

After a year of having a significant role as a synth player and backup vocalist for the band 'City Girl' I was asked to create a visual show for the live performance. They had already done a great job at translating their heavy synth and electronic drum sound to a live performance, so I needed to create a piece of software that would translate in the same way visually.

I developed the performance software with openFrameworks, restricting myself as a creative practice, to work heavily within it's core. The visuals consisted of many patterns, complex generative shapes, and minimal use of color. I performed with them live on multiple occasions at notable New York City venues such as 'Mercury Lounge', 'Glasslands', and 'Pianos' with an Akai MPD 24. I decided to perform without the assistance of FFT analysis, but instead develop my own unique real-time parameters for each visual scene, of which there were several for each song of the set.

OpenFrameworks / C++ / Live Performance / Visuals

City Girl Live Performance Visuals

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