Below is a selection of work from experiential agency Fake Love who are based in New York. The projects listed here are those that I have worked on under the title 'Generative Sound Designer / Creative Tech / Developer' with my specific contributions listed below. As an employee of the company I have been given the opportunity to work with many talented individuals who have taught me a great deal. I also must add that a large portion of this work was enabled by software tools created and maintained by the creative code community, in particular openFrameworks. For more information please refer to my company profile on the official Fake Love website.

Disclaimer: I do not own this work nor is it my personal work or design.

7Up + Martin Garrix:

For this project I was giving the opportunity to take part in translating sound into something tangible for DJ Martin Garrix who has a strong following of fans who are deaf. I had a major role leading onsite deployment and installation of a dozen Cymatic experiments, triggered fog machines, and vibrating floor panels that were reacting to Martin Garrix live set. I also worked on development of sound reactive generative live visuals which were performed by Blair Neal. The event was covered by major media outlets including Rolling Stone.

Forma VR at Tribeca Film Festival:

This was a four person virtual reality experience I worked on with the Fake Love team. I worked heavily onsite to install and maintain our networked system. Each person was actually able to see the other players movements via avatars through their headset. Aside from the work I did onsite I was the lead 3D sound designer and music composer for this project. Utilizing the tools in the Unreal game engine enviroment I was able to create an immersive 3D soundscape which evolves in realtime.


This was a VR trailer for the movie "Carol" that was created by the Fake Love team for a NYTimes app. I filled the role as Lead 3D sound designer and mixer for this project.

Atramentum at Scope Arts Fair in New York:

I worked alongside Blair Neal the Technical Lead on this project in creation and programming of sound. I assisted on installation as well as running the install for the entirety of the Scope live dates.

Umpqua Exhibit Growth:

Lead Tech Blair Neal and I worked on site in Portland, Oregon for this project. I was on site for the entirety of this project for live troubleshooting and maintenance. Lead Programmer Joshua Vaughan managed a team who programmed graphics and interaction.

I worked as Lead Sound Designer. I also programmed sound interaction in Unity.

Umpqua by Fake Love

Storytime Part I at Future of Storytelling:

I worked as the sole Creative Tech on site for this project. The technical portion of this project was to have a glowing LED object in the middle of the room that would start to glow when a visitor's presence was detected. Each visitor would trigger a new track in a musical piece played throughout the space. As each visitor walked in the musical piece became more layered and rich. To achieve this we used Gimbal iBeacons.

I helped developed the program that lived on an iOS device to receive the iBeacon trigger. I also developed the audio application that triggered and modified the musical tracks as visitors entered the room. Jesse Garrison worked on the physical computing portion of the project which was the glowing LED watch.

I worked as Lead Sound Designer. I also programmed sound interaction in Unity.

Storytime Part One by Fake Love

MUZSE presents Adorned : The Shape of Things to Come : NYC Pop up Gallery:

The technical portion of this project was to create five different various interactive exhibits. I worked alongside Blair Neal to design and program sound for the interactive electronic harp.

I worked as the on site tech maintaining and troubleshooting all the installations for the entirety of the event.

Adorned by Fake Love

Master and Dynamic:

Fake Love created touch interactive sculptures for this event. Visitors were invited to touch each sculpture while wearing headphones. Visitor interaction would trigger realtime generative visuals and sound.

Dan Moore and Jason Levine were the primary visual/audio reactive sound developers for this project. I designed and programmed all the sound and did the physical computing development for the haptic sensing element. I also worked on site alongside Tech Lead Blair Neal.

Master and Dynamic by Fake Love

Nike Zoom City Bank:

This project included two installations that were custom made games. I did all the sound design and some audio programming. Justin Maurer developed and programmed the installations. I also worked onsite to assist Tech Lead Blair Neal.

Nike Zoom City Bank by Fake Love