Max4Live Ableton Plugins:

My favorite piece of audio software for live performance and more often sound design has been Ableton. In my professional work I've now utilized M4L for interactive installations on several occasions.

I recently created three different plugins for a live music performance. The first plugin is called 'CVaudioControl'. Some of the objects used in this plugin are from an OpenCV libary for Max which is a separate download. This plugin takes incoming x/y values from the incoming camera feed and attaches it to Ableton api parameter controls.

The second plugin is called 'Live Audio In Manipulation'. It lets you record in realtime and then immediately allows the user to scrape through and play with the waveform. The last plugin is called 'Manipulate Wave'. It allows the user to take in realtime audio input and effect it with four separately panned delays. The plugins can be downloaded from my github.

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