OF Tools - OpenFrameworks:

The openFrameworks community is an extremely helpful network of individuals who have provided an array of core tools and numerous addons. Below is a list of a few tools that I use regularly.

OpenFrameworks / C++


This is an addon I created that contains utility functions that act similiar to some Max/MSP 'objects'. It includes commonly used functions such as state checking, wrapped timing, wrapped counting, ramp up / down lerping.


This repo is my starting point for creating a class that expands upon the 'audioOutExample' in openframeworks core to include synthesis tools. This class would make audio synthesis and effects as easy as calling methods such as ofCircle that are simply in the OF core. This is a first shot at organizing such a class but please feel free to add. I'm interested in implementing audio synthesis, effects, and sequencing.

ofxPD Examples

This git repo contains some simple example projects which show how to use ofxPD as well as integrate it into an openFrameworks project.